Can I Survive a Morning without the Internet?

I’m not sure what it says about me (probably just that I’m typical), but I love enjoying my first and second (and sometimes third) cups of coffee each morning while browsing on my computer. I love checking in on Slack with my writing mastermind group, updating my gratitude journal. Then I check emails. But this morning, I can’t get online. TO FIND OUT HOW TO “MICROSOFT” TECHNOLOGY PROBLEMS…

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Why is it so hard to charter a jet for 12?

My husband and I were having caviar cones at our favorite restaurant in Beverly Hills, when I raised the specter of chartering a jet and taking some friends to Sonoma for his 50th birthday. It should only be an hour and half flight from Palm Springs, and I figured I could schedule a lunch with Liz in the Bubble Room at J winery, our favorite spot for sparklers. Afterwards, I imagined an afternoon of pinot tasting at Banshee with Zack followed by an early dinner at Chalkboard, featuring their pasta tasting menu.
My husband doesn’t like birthdays and doesn’t want a fuss, but I feel that I have standards to maintain.

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There’s no First Class without Coach

The moments in life when you are special, when you are treated differently, and when things are going great – How can you cherish those unless you’ve been through a lot? We only get to enjoy first class because we’ve spent most of our times in coach. I encourage you to relish those moments at the back of the bus because they’re training you for when you get your moment. If everything is first class, then nothing is first class. READ MORE.

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How I Live the Nike Mantra with Mistakes but no Regret.

Nike’s motto is not something best left on a T-shirt. “Just Do It” should be the mantra for how we all live our lives. The battle is not to figure out how to solve all the problems before acting or overcome all the fears before doing. There’s never the perfect time. Sometimes, you just have to take that leap and then pick up the pieces. You can’t perfectly plan your life (and I’m talking to my fellow Virgos in particular here). There are some things that you’ll screw up, but you’ll have the memories of all the things that you did do.

And not the regret of all the things you did not.

Follow your passions, loyal readers. It’s the best advice you’ll ever get.

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I’ve Handled the Election of Donald Trump like a Death. One way I’m coping.

I’ve responded to the election of Donald Trump like a death. On November 8th, I went to bed in denial thinking that maybe I’d wake up, and it would have been a bad dream. Then I was angry that people would vote for someone I considered unfit for the most important job in the world. Next, I was willing to bargain with the courts in Michigan and Pennsylvania to do a recount. And finally, I was just depressed.
I can’t hide in my liberal California bubble, praying that God does indeed cause an earthquake splitting my state from the rest of the country.

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