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The Wisdom of Stones - Can you be gay and Christian?

Abandoned by his father at age seven, Ben loses his mother to a car accident that same year and becomes his grandparents’ responsibility – and their joy.

Handing his grandfather an arrowhead he finds at his mother’s funeral, Ben sets in motion an agreement between them: Ben gifts his grandfather a stone and his grandfather gifts him a story. Months later when Mee Maw falls ill, Ben makes yet another deal – this time with God – that if Mee Maw recovers, Ben will dedicate himself to the church. These commitments inform the man he will become.

But life has a way of throwing us curve balls, and it throws Ben a doozy; no matter how hard he tries, he can’t pray away the gay. And being gay is in direct conflict with his church’s teachings, a roadblock to him becoming a minister.

A beautifully written and relevant coming-of-age story, The Wisdom of Stones is a tribute to one young man’s heart-wrenching journey towards self-acceptance, the relationship between a boy and his grandpa, an exploration of the impact of each generation on the next, and a tribute to the courage it takes to define and then make the right choices for ourselves, this novel is destined to become a new Southern classic.

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Order Deep Dive: Sanctuary Cities

Deep Dive: Sanctuary Cities takes an in-depth look into the hot button issue of sanctuary jurisdictions. People are busy, headlines are click bait, and “facts” get repeated so often, they take on a life of their own.

This Deep Dive covers:

  • What does it mean to be a “sanctuary jurisdiction”
  • Complete but concise history of sanctuary jurisdictions in the United States
  • Detailed legal analysis of the issues surrounding sanctuary jurisdictions explained in plain language and
    not legalese
  • A ripped-from-the-headlines but fictionalized dilemma that shows how different people respond to this issue
  • Brian’s response to the dilemma from progressive point of view
  • Donna’s response to dilemma from conservative point of view
  • Takeaway – what Brian and Donna learned from each other
  • Reading group discussions questions prepared to stimulate thoughtful discussion of the issues
  • Balanced and accurate facts and data regarding sanctuary jurisdictions