MYSTERY SOLVED! Why homosexuality leads to bestiality.

I don’t believe or agree with this, but many people argue that homosexuality is a slippery slope to pedophilia and bestiality. Until my recent podcast interview with Chelsey Glassco.  I never understood why people made this argument. And although their primary assumption is faulty, their logic is sound. If you were to go into the head of someone who believes that homosexuality leads to all sorts of sexual perversions, here’s an insight into their thinking. SATIRE ALERT!

Lust is like the conch shell in the photo. At its core, you have opposite-sex attractions (“OSA”). If you have OSA, then you have limited amounts of lust in your heart. But if you do anything to increase the lust, such as look at pornography, then that lust can spiral.

You’ll quickly move on to adultery or general sluttiness and then perhaps even homosexuality.

You argue that some people are gay while others are straight. It’s not just having more or less lust, but you’d be wrong. Lust is lust. There aren’t different kinds. No one has an inherent attraction to the same sex.  It’s just lust that’s out of control.

If we’re honest and really look at the Bible, we’ll realize that we’d be better off if we could just handle our lust and remain celibate (Paul was a huge proponent of this). But if you’re weak, then it’s fine to get opposite-sex married. Marriage based on OSA is really the only thing powerful enough to control and contain our lust. That’s why sex is evil and terrible and shameful up to the point where you get married, and then it’s beautiful and life-affirming. But don’t let your shameful lust for sex get out of control!  That’s the basis for the end of society.

Homosexuality is lust run rampant. We can’t tolerate it. Because it’s outside the bounds of marriage, that level of lust can’t be contained. And before you know it, while you’re laughing away at Cam and Mitch on Modern Family, the homosexual agenda is marching towards legalization of pedophilia and then bestiality.

Only OSA marriage can save us from the dangers of the lust spiral!