Southern Baptist Preacher Scott McQueen Talks About His Son’s First Date with a Boy

For thirty-one years Scott McQueen was a Southern Baptist preacher. And as the parent of three boys, he was a “parrot” of the orthodox message about homosexuality. But on April 8, 2014, when his youngest son came out to him as gay, Scott’s life and his spiritual journey changed forever.

One of the most difficult moments was when their son asked Scott and his wife Jackie to drive him to a town a couple hours away to go on a date with a boy. At that time, Scott was not affirming of his son, but he took him anyway to be supportive. Find our why Scott made this difficult decision on this bonus podcast episode.

For the initial interview with Scott, check out BE THE BRIDGE – Season 1, Episode 20.

Scott is the author of REASONABLE DOUBT – A case for LGBTQ inclusion in the institutions of marriage and church.