Thomas Mark Zuniga Struggles with Same-Sex Attractions, Faith and Masculinity

On this 14th episode, I talk with Thomas Mark Zuniga. Tom is a Christian who has same-sex attractions, and his core belief is that the only kind of sex God blesses is marital sex between a man and a woman. But Tom has never tried to “pray away the gay.”

Instead, he struggles to balance faith, sexuality, and masculinity. And each week, he checks in with his “brothers” where they discuss their SPERM count.

Tom is the co-founder of Your Other Brothers (YOB), an online community of Christian men who struggle with same-sex attractions. Through blogs, a podcast and online comments, men on YOB share their stories and explore life with raw honesty and courage.

Tom and his spiritual brothers are not out to stoke culture warrior sentiment or contribute to the rowdy political or theological debates over these touchy issues.

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Tom is the author of two books: Struggle Central and Running To