Susan Cottrell Has Freed Hearts to Love, Heal and Affirm


On this 13th episode, I speak with Susan Cottrell, the mother of two kids in the LGBTQ community. She became a devout Christian at the age of 14 and was a women’s ministry leader at her church. But after her kids came out, she realized that her family would never have a place in their church again.

She is a proud Mama Bear and the founder of a ministry for families of LGBTQ individuals, called FreedHearts. Her mission is to free hearts to love, heal and affirm.

Susan has a Master of Arts in Theological Studies, and we dive deep into the Bible, talking about Genesis 2 and complementarity, the “purity culture” and how it’s not good for us to be alone. I solicit advice from Susan on how to heal from the wounds inflicted by the faith community, and she offers tips on how to be your own best friend.

WEBSITE: For outstanding resources for Christian parents and LGBTQ kids, please see her website

If you’re a mom or dad and would like join her online support group (a private Facebook group), please contact Susan on Facebook at If you’re in the LGBTQ community and need someone to talk to, Susan is there to listen and offer support and encouragement.

BOOKS: As the author of three books, her goal is to change the human conversation on love and inclusion: