Gay Christian Mikah Meyer is Breaking World Records

Mikah Meyer just finished visiting his 308th park on his world-record trip to be the youngest person to visit all 417 U.S. National Parks. We talk about his childhood as the kid of a campus pastor, how he knew that gay was wrong, and how he decided to undertake this incredible feat.

As a kid, Mikah prayed to be ordinary (straight) but after he embraced his sexuality, he realized that he could become extraordinary. THE BIG SURPRISE – Christians around the country are supporting his mission.

Please support Mikah in his efforts by helping fund his last big hurdle: Visiting all 23 parks in Alaska.

Mikah Meyer
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Road Trip and National Parks expert Mikah Meyer has been named a “Social Media Warrior” by MTV and featured by The Guardian, NPRUpworthy, and The Today Show among thousands of media outlets worldwide for his Travel Beyond Convention and multiple travel world records. Becoming the youngest person to visit all 400+ units of the National Park Service and the sole person to do it in one continuous trip, he has been called an “Emerging Leader in the Outdoor Industry” by SNEWS, and his expertise ranges from media partnerships with the US federal government’s news agency to speaking engagements from Nebraska to New Zealand. Sought after for projects that focus on bringing cultures together, he is equally comfortable hosting on-screen in Iran or penning op-eds and travelogues. Also an accomplished performer, Mikah has sung professionally with the Washington National Cathedral choirs, the Memphis Symphony and various international ensembles, and has created shows ranging from full-length improvised musicals to educational cabarets. He is a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar who has devoted his life to helping people find common ground, whether in his hometown of Lincoln or standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial completing world records.

How it all started?

In 2005, days after his father’s funeral, 19-year-old Mikah embarked on his first independent road trip. What was initially planned as a post-freshman year getaway, quickly turned into a transformative experience that showed Mikah the healing power of road trips. Since then, he has taken one road trip a year to honor this experience, resulting in 2011-2012 with a 260 day, 16,400 mile “Dream Road Trip” around 46 North American states/ provinces.

In 2014, Mikah’s article summarizing these trips garnered over 40,000 shares via the Huffington Post and feature through (read here). It also inspired the title track for singer/songwriter Shelly Waters’ album DRIVE.

With April 29, 2016, marking the 11th anniversary of his father’s passing from cancer, Mikah is honoring his dad’s love of driving by making life out of death and launching his journey to experience all 400+ units of the U.S. National Park System. This double world record trip will not only make him the youngest person to experience every unit, but also the sole person to do so in a continuous journey.

To have Mikah perform with your organization, or speak at your university, civic club, or company during his journey, visit the Speaking/Singing page

Mikah Meyer at Dr. Martin Luther King's Church
Mikah Meyer at the Church of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.