The Kevin Garcia Talks Survival & Freedom and Faith & Queerness

The Kevin Garcia talks about coming out and experiencing the fullness of God.

We are at a time in history where the LGBTQIA+ people are more accepted than ever in our country, but there’s still a whole community and a whole lot of Christians out there who don’t feel the same way.

God loves every single person in those non-affirming places, and God wants all of those folks to experience the same freedom that many of us experience when coming out. People don’t know how free they are to love and to be able to step into the fullness of what God created them to be.

Self-described “hot mess” Kevin Garcia is a writer, podcaster, YouTuber,¬†and¬†speaker. And he’s about to start seminary.

At the end of this podcast, I was ready to move to wherever Kevin gets his first pulpit. PREACH!

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Twitter and other social media platforms: @thekevingarcia