Jack Schaeffer and a Much Needed Conversation

In this second episode, I chat with gay romance writer and conservative Christian Jack Schaeffer about how the LGBT communities and the Christian church can work to reconcile the huge divide between the two.

We discuss the gay conspiracy to destroy Christianity and explore why the church considers gay sex a “super sin”. Jack talks about a pivotal moment in his life when twenty years ago, a worried mother asked Jack to cure her gay son. Would his advice be any different today if faced with that same situation?

Jack is a pastor at his evangelical church just outside of Chicago, and for most of his life, he thought that being gay was a sin. But after watching his stepfather battle to keep his church from becoming an affirming member of the United Church of Christ, Jack’s eyes were opened. He realized that the love that two men or two women can have for each other is not much different from the love between a man and a woman. Of course, the mechanics aren’t the same, but love is love.

In the end, Jack and I discover that more conversations between the LGBTQ and faith communities are needed. And we discuss how each of us can initiate that dialogue.

Jack’s wisdom will inspire you to BE THE BRIDGE whether you’re gay, straight, Christian or not. Don’t miss this episode!