Ibrahim Kamara on Reconciling His Queer and Muslim Identities

Ibrahim Kamara was born in Kuwait but moved to Tennessee as a kid. He was raised Muslim, and he cherishes his faith community. At the age of 13, he realized that his attractions were different from other boys. He tried to pray away the gay, bargaining with Allah because Ibrahim wanted to spend Paradise in his own Versailles-like palace.  Eventually, he realized that he had to live an authentic life. He has a passion for helping others understand that we are all intersectional beings, and those diverse aspects make us who we are. He is active in queer interfaith groups on his college campus and is the co-founder of a Denver-based group for queer Muslims.

He can be reached by Facebook at Ibrahim Kamara.

He can be reached on Instagram at bubb1egum_b1tch.

His queer Muslim group can be contact via Facebook at Salam of Denver.

He works with You are Welcome Here to help LGBTQIA+ people of all faith backgrounds connect with others of faith.