One-third of Americans still uncomfortable to see two guys holding hands.

IGuys Holding hands had dinner with a friend in downtown San Diego last night. My friend walked me to my car, and we saw a gay couple walking in front of us with arms around each other.

“That’s rare,” he said.

I asked him why, and he said, “Outside of Hillcrest, you don’t see two guys affectionate with each other.”

Hillcrest is the “gay neighborhood” in San Diego, and I was surprised that gays still aren’t comfortable being.  It all made sense though when I read the results of the latest 2016 GLAAD poll about American’s acceptance of homosexuality. About 1/3 of non-LGBT people find it “uncomfortable” or “very uncomfortable” when they see two guys holding hands. But least these results were 7% points better than just a year prior.  We’re making progress!  Later poll results about the changing acceptance of LGBT persons can be found here.